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Artist Development

Artist development is the process through which a musician develops the craft and skills necessary to pursue a professional career in the music industry. This means everything from voice, songwriting, image and branding, music and video production, live performances, marketing and social media.

The development of artists in the music industry has changed since the advent of iTunes, the Internet, and social media. Gone are the days of being "discovered" by a record label, with much of the initial progress being left to the artists themselves.

Tips and advice for singers and music artists

Formal artist development courses may not be for everyone. Some particularly imaginative artists can feel quite suffocated by such an approach. However, during an artist's career it is important to bounce off other people's ideas and at some stage adjust to suit the commercial and marketing side of the business.

First of all, you need to figure out what type of development you are going to work on. Some of the areas you want to cover include:

  1. Songwriting (understanding your tone, song themes, style, unique voice, and more technical aspects of it).
  2. Production
  3. Bands and Groups
  4. Vocals